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사랑 해일 요 한국, I love Korea


About 4-5mos ago, my hubby introduced me to K-pop, which stands for Korean Pop, this peaked my interests as to what else Korea might have to offer! I am a YouTube fanatic, and started to do searches for K-pop, which leads you to videos and even K-Variety/K-Drama (K-TV). the difference between the 2 is the K-Variety(Korean variety) is like comedy/reality TV shows and K-Dramas is like Korean soap operas. Both are really entertaining to watch, you see the big differences in American TV from Korean TV. One big thing that I see from a lot of the Korean Variety, is that they tend to be on the family oriented side, no cursing, no nudity…everyone seems to bond together like a family and they get along; unlike reality shows in America, where you watch it in discretion with your kids and sometimes even your spouse (LoL)! Korean Dramas are where you find the juicy things that make Korean girls and boys, sometimes adults, blush…these taboo shows show everything from holding hands (gasp), kissing on the cheek or lips (cover your eyes), gazing into each others eyes (OMG!) and sometimes even ….i can’t bare to say it…sometimes even hugging! LoL!!


Well back to K-Pop, is a musical genre consisting of dance, electropop, hip hop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. Korean pop and American pop are totally 2 different things…it seems all K-pop has a rap section in it, most are bubbly with bright colors, flashing lights and cutesy (think Britney Spears before the 2 kids and K-fed, the “HIT ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME” Britney!!!) some of the K-pop can be edgy and sexy and make you want want to get up and do a sexy dance…not that I do that or anything …moving on! If you want to hear  K-pop and don’t know where to start…. YouTube search – EAT YOUR KIMCHI, they have a great channel and inform foreigners about everything Korean. It’s because of them, that I branched out to learn more about Korea…and also why I am going back to school so that I can teach English in Korea!

I have become a big fan of all things Korean, food, music, movies and TV…though Korean food is an acquired taste, it is worth the try.Koreans love to eat and their diets consist lots of veggie sides, rices, seafood, poultry and meat in general…and if you have ever been to a Korean restaurant and had galbi, (it’s marinated grilled meats, mostly ribs…but they has dak galbi, dak = chicken) you would love Korean food, if your vegetable…they have great stews, soups, sides are mostly veggies (sometimes you might get a cuttlefish side or fish cake, so make sure you ask what things are!) Kimchi is fermented spicy cabbage, I HATE SAUERKRAUT but I LOVE KIMCHI; its have a tart-spicy-crunchy-salty taste and its just awesome, you have to try it!

Well this concludes my Korean random thought of the day/night….but if you would like to know more, about Korean things… Google it or YouTube it…you won’t be sorry! TRUST ME!

Some Sites to Check out!:

KShowNow — they have awesome Korean shows that are subtitled in English!

Eat You Kimchi — they are a married Canadian couple, living in Korea – with their mohawk wearing dog         Spudgy – that blogs about everything Korea has to offer!

AZNV — this site has a great variety of Asian TV, music and movies, not just Korean, so check it out.

I can go on, but these are my top 3! Check them out someday, ENJOY! If you want more, let me know!

( 사랑 ) Love,

Jaden’s Treats


3 responses to “사랑 해일 요 한국, I love Korea

  1. Wohh exactly what I was looking for, thanks for putting up.

  2. oegukeen says:

    Ah, I really wanted to check out the AZNV.TV when you recommended it, but they say I need invitation code from a friend :_(

  3. O u don’t …. Just create a free account! It’s worth the 2min

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