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Jjajangmyun (Noodles in Black Bean Sauce)

on November 22, 2011

Jjajangmyun served w/ kimchi and oi sobagi

Jjajangmyun served w/ kimchi and oi sobagi

I got this recipe from Maangchi’s youtube page! I love Korean everything, music, movie…everything! I started getting into Korean culture, from listening to a ringtone on my hubby’s phone (yea I know that is strange!!) So I decided to learn more about the Korean culture, living in south Florida…we have an abundant melting pot of culture, but you would be surprised at the lack of Korean culture we have here! But back to this awesome recipe…this dish includes noodles, veggies and pork belly (u can sub for tofu or chicken, whatever type of meat you want)! I mean pork belly…that is like the sexiest meat next to bacon!

For a list of ingredients, check out the youtube video, don’t forget to like and comment on it!

Jjajangmyun <= mmmmmm enjoy!


2 responses to “Jjajangmyun (Noodles in Black Bean Sauce)

  1. oegukeen says:

    I saw this dish in the Korean movie – Castaway on the Moon 🙂

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