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on December 28, 2011



This post isnt a spam or anything like that…I found these site about 2yrs ago- well one was 2yrs ago the other was 1mos ago, and thought it would benefit others. I am a person that is always doing something online,whether it be – looking at videos on YouTube, Blogging, looking at other blogs, shopping or paying bills (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). About 2yrs ago, I was on maternity leave and looking for something to do to make extra money, while sitting on my fat butt waiting for this 6lb 11oz baby to come out, so I searched “work at home mom jobs” and came across this site InboxDollars, this site claims to give you money for taking free surveys, reading emails and shopping…right there I was skeptical, but they give you a $5 sign up bonus, so I was like ok if it sucks I have nothing to lose…IT’S A FREE SITE! I used to use this religiously while on maternity leave, after I got back to work, I quit doing the surveys and all that, so it automatically cancels your account. You can receive your check once you hit $30…before I stopped participating I cashed in like 5 times (wooootwooooot) 2 months ago, I started up again and thought hey…this is something others should know about…so here is it I am sharing everything with you!

This is a snapshot of my amount in InboxDollars so far, I don’t want to cash in until I get to maybe $100 or maybe I will let it go pass that!



     The next site I found it about 1 mon ago and it’s pretty much the


same thing…I dont recommend doing both, because they usually have the same email offers, the surveys differ though, that site is SendEarnings this site is prety much like Inboxdollars, but I thought hey sign up for 2 sites double my money…so far I have made about a McDonald’s Value Meal worth of earnings! I dont know what the cash out amount is here, but I believe its $30 as well…here is my account right now, its not that much, but when you tally up the amounts for both sites, I am not doing bad…I dont do lots of shopping like I used to, but they have deals where to get money for joining popular sites, getting approved for credit cards, even money for you checking your credit score for free (well you put in your credit card info, and it charges you $1–so you get a profit of $7) LoL this site helped me pay alot of bills off. . .  


sooooo if you want to try them, please click on the links and sign up…you have nothing to lose. The surveys are easy and they survery you about everyday things!

Enjoy the Free Money!


Jaden’s Treats


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