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Spicy Coconut Chicken Curry

on January 2, 2012

Spicy Goodness

Spicy Goodness

Last night I made my signature (i called it that because is makes me feel special! LoL) Spicy Coconut Chicken Curry dish with a side of rice. I wanted to share this recipe because it’s tasty and awesome…VEGETARIANS CAN OMIT THE CHICKEN AND JUST USED VEGGIES (I use onion, bell peppers {any variety}, potato, carrots…you can even add tofu) This recipe calls for the most simplest ingredients to make this hearty meal…and it can last you for days, unless you have someone that eats like my hubby does, then it can feed you for the night and the nest day for lunch..lol.

Before I has my son, me and spicy food didn’t mix…the spiciest I would go was the MILD sauce at Taco Bell…now I need spice in my life! For this recipes I use Korean pepper Flakes and Korean pepper flakes…if you can find these two items, you can use chili peppers, habanero peppers and / or cayenne. But if you don’t like spicy food, you can omit it…its still delicious without it. TRUST ME!!!


6 skinless chicken thighs (you can use drumsticks, wings….etc)

1 (8oz) can coconut milk, (i use Thai Kitchen, its creamy and sweet and gives a great flavor!)

1 med carrot, medium chopped

1 large potato, medium chopped

1 med onion, medium chopped ( i didn’t have one at the time of this video)

16oz water (this is a broth like curry…use 8oz for a stew like curry)

1/4cp soy sauce

3tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1tsp garlic

1/2cp water or broth

oil, for frying


2tsp paprika

1tsp nutmeg

1tsp allspice

1tsp cloves

1tsp cinnamon

1/8tsp salt (you have soy sauce to add saltiness, but this is optional..it’s not too salty with it!!)

3tbsp curry powder

2tbsp pepper flakes (optional)

2tbsp pepper pastes (optional, you can sub 3tsp cayenne for spiciness)


Start by pan frying the  chicken in about 2tbsp of oil fry the chicken until browned on both sides, but not fully cooked…set aside.

Drain the oil out, leave about 1tbsp in the pan, fry the spices till aromatic.

Add the Worcestershire, soy sauce and the pepper paste..fry for about 2-3min.

Add the veggies and coat in the paste mixture.

Add in 1/2cup of water or broth.

Next add the coconut milk, add hot water to the now empty can and pour into the pot.

Add the chicken back to the pan, covering the chicken with the broth.

Cover the pot with a lid and simmer on medium for 45min…checking on the curry once in a while.

Serve with rice or alone….either way its delicious.

Enjoy…watch the video on my YouTube channel


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