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Who let the cold out!?!?!?!

on January 3, 2012

Florida is Cold

Florida is Cold

I live in South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale…etc) and I am use to like hot, muggy, warm beautiful days…and occassionally a little nippy cold front! This morning I woke up, got ready for work, put on a skirt and sandles….walked outside and did an automatic u-turn back into the house to put on pants and close-toed shoes…LOL. I love the cold weather but this came from nowhere…yesterday it was breezy and perfect for day at the park. Today on the otherhand is freezing and making me want to curl up with a blankie, cocoa and watch a movie… teehee.  My son walked out the house and ran back in … he can barely pronounce words, all he said was “oh cold!!!” then i saw a flash back into the house…poor baby…he was born on a cold day…and last year it didn’t get cold on christmas, so he isnt used to this weather.

Just check the forecast for the week and its doesn’t look good…I start classes on thursday night so that extra excitement for me this week. WOOOOOT I am soooo nervous, but excited at the same time, I love school…

Weekly Forecast
Weekly Forecast

If anyone is from Florida or visited Florida, then you know this is a crazy temperature…but it’s not that bad…I kinda like it being this cold once out the year…but usually our winters are from January to February. These are the months were you will need long pants and boots…mittens and parkas (hey Floridians take this type of cold serious…haha)

Random post of the day completed, another one is coming. I am at work today, and I have orientation for school at 5:30pm, then I am going home to bake scones for the blog…so look out for those!
p.s. I will be making recipes that are animal friendly in the future (meaning this week, sometime!) I want to broaden my recipe bank for veggie based dishes! 🙂

3 responses to “Who let the cold out!?!?!?!

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    Beneficial post, I will be browsing back again more often to look for improvements.

  2. Its great as your other posts : D, appreciate it for putting up. “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it” by Steven Wright.

  3. Nice share….

    I think your blog should come up much higher in the search results than where it is showing up right now….

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