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on January 5, 2012

Do you hear it?!?!

Do you hear it?!?!

What made me want to post this? Well I wanted to see if I am the only person that does this! I know my sister and I always have music playing in our heads, and we will start singing and dancing to those songs playing in our heads! LoL…don’t judge us! It’s the weirdest thing….I will be sitting, laying down, in the supermarket….just anywhere, anytime, and I will just start grooving to a song in my head. Whether it be Kpop, RnB, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Jazz…I will groove to it in my head. That doesnt make me weird it makes me unique (uniquely weird).

Like today I was sitting at my desk and just starting mouthing the lyrics to “Dance, Dance” by FallOut Boy, after that “Closer to the Edge” by Thirty Seconds to Mars (i ❤ them soooo much!) next on the set list…lol….”Baby you’re a Star” by Prince (or the Artist formerly known as Prince also known as my future 2nd husband! LOL) I don’t know why I do this, but I know that others do it too….but I wonder if they are brave enough to admit it!

If you know or are someone that grooves to the beat of your own head…then let us know!

Random thought of the day done…


2 responses to “MUSIC IN MY HEAD!…

  1. I am impressed with this site, very I am a fan.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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