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Good Day, Good Morning, Buenos Dias, Bom Dia, Anyong

on January 11, 2012

Morning Coffee    Today is a great day! I woke up and it looked  like rain and its still chilly outside…this is the best weather..lol!!! I love the cold and I love rain…so the 2 together is a relaxers dream! I am currently at work right now, and I don’t know why, but I feel very refreshed! Last night, was my second time attending my class, and I was just super excited! We had regular class, then we had to attend a Math Orientation, basically…they showed us where we need to go do our math labs and where to get help for math, if needed! Just the thought of me, at my age (I’m 29…gulp…I know I’m not that old, but I think, and know I am the only person my age in my class!), being a student…it’s kinda nerve rattling! Lots of things are running through my mind “I hope I am doing this for the right reasons!,”  “I hope I succeed in what I am trying to accomplish!,” “I hope I can get good grades and not let my son down!” these things keep running through my peanut brain and I just have to sigh and know that I WILL DO THIS!

   I have the prayers of my family and that’s all I need! My son gives me strength to accomplish what I have been wanting to start since I had him! I have an A.S. degree in electronic engineering, but this wasnt making me happy! I went to school for my culinary degree and got disgusted by the price of the tuition! The school I am currently attending, yet a community college, allows me to go to school on my salary, work at my own pace and I can attend classes online. I am setting my grade average on A’s and A’s only, that way when I get B’s I will be excited also! LOL…if you set out just to pass the class with the minimal average you always tend to get 1 grade average below. So don’t strive for a ‘C’ just to get through it….because u might just get a ‘D’ and fail!

    I always tell my hubby, not to think of yourself as a failure, because if you see yourself as one, everyone else will too! To me I AM THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD (i know i’m not! but hey…no one else can tell me otherwise!) Strive for the universe, and you receive merely the world or even a star…you won’t be disappointed! 🙂


P.S. Recipe to come…mmmmm Pecan Cookies!


2 responses to “Good Day, Good Morning, Buenos Dias, Bom Dia, Anyong

  1. oegukeen says:

    Good luck! I hope it turns out the way you want

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