Jaden's Treats


Weekend is over!!!!

on January 15, 2012

Jaden being Jaden

Jaden being Jaden

Well I spent the majority of the weekend, hanging with Jaden and Tony…I got a lot of studying and homework done also! YAAAAAY!!! I wish I would have taken more than the 1 class, but this college algebra is a killer! I realized how rusty I am with multiplication and division…wow…I am not smarter than a 5th grader!!! LoL!!! While I did my homework, Jaden decided to learn to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider!” on his keyboard, that his nana gave to him for Christmas! After all the studying, I got a craving for strawberry shortcake, so I decided to make one…recipe to come…I got everything ready, baked my cake and found out that my whipping cream froze in the back of the fridge..I try to keep at least 3-4 cartons in the fridge at a time! sooooo I had to re-work my plan, so I made a blueberry & vanilla bean shortcake…lol. I will be posting the recipe tomorrow…because i have to do the final icing for the cake…not sure if I want to glaze it or frost it! Hhhhhmmmmmmm decisions, decisions! Well tomorrow, I will make up my mind after I get out of my Lab class for school…busy busy bee I am, after I decide I will post the final recipe on here. I also have to get ready to post my Daring Bakers’s Scones Challenge…I LOVE SCONES (BISCUITS!)

Random thought of the day done


Jaden’s Treats


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