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Korean Frozen Snacks ….Long awaited

on February 4, 2012

mashiss oh yo

mashiss oh yo

This is the start of the Korean Grocery Store series….I am soooo excited to do this! I think everyone should try a series like this, whether it be a Thai food store, Authentic Italian food, African food, whatever it may be, you should try it…it opens up your mind to different foods other cultures make everyday.   Well we started off this series with Frozen Pre-made treats, Ice creams, sweet pastries and rice cakes…I tried my best to say the Korean names of the treats, but I TOTALLY BUTCHERED it. I have also come to the conclusion that my hubby is THEE worst cameraman ever! LoL We shot this video late into the night…and then the next day I caught a cold from my niece (good times!!!) I have been popping cough drops like they were gum drops 😦 … but i told myself that I was going to post this video!

                            WARNING!!!!: MY HUSBAND IS THE WORST CAMERAMAN ALIVE!!!! 

Part 1– in this episode we try mango mochi sherbet bonbons and Sweet Corn ice bar! the bonbon were awesome, they have a thin layer of mango flavored rice cake encasing a mango sherbet…completely delicious! The Sweet Corn Ice Bar…well ummmm I let my hubby test that one…the little piece I tried, it wasn’t bad, it tastes like a creamed corn ice cream with chunks of kernels in it. I wouldn’t try it again, but i can at least say that I have had ice cream made from corn! CAN YOU SAY THAT?! LoL

Part 2– in this episode we try a Samancho fish ice cream, its not really made from fish, it is in the shape of a fish and its filled with vanilla ice cream and sweetened red bean paste. I loved the vanilla ice cream, the cone was tasty and light, the red bean paste was …. red beany….sweet…and beany! LoL its was a good combination, a little too sweet for me, but good…my hubby ate the whole thing! GREEDY MUCH!

Part 3– in this episode, we had the hardest time with these delicacies..LoL… Sweet Bean Bun and Green Bean Bread! I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like sweet beans, I barely like sweet peas…sooooo I should have known! LoL Well here it is…

Part 4 – in this final episode, we try goong joong ddak…I hope I got that right…its Sweet Rice Cakes filled with red bean paste and rolled in 5 different powders.

  1. Sesame,
  2. Black Sesame,
  3. Red Bean Powder,
  4. Munch Bean Powder, and
  5. Soy Bean Powder

This is the last of the videos for this series….next up will be chips and cracker type snacks. I have been sick so I will be posting the next video on next Saturday as well….WE WERE going to do a Ramyeon taste test…but anything spicy is burning my sick little throat!


P.S. my hubby is the worst cameraman ever!


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