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Meet Jaden!!!

on February 10, 2012

Jaden K Rodriguez

Jaden K Rodriguez

This is Jaden…he is the reason I live my life everyday…he is the reason I push myself to be all that I can be…he is the one that gives me all my kisses and hugs LoL! Jaden is our only son, I was lucky enough to be blessed with this awesome kid, after trying for so many years to get pregnant, I suffer from thyroids which make it hard for me to conceive, plus being overweight didn’t help! So after we gave up on the idea of having a baby, this little bundle of joy came along…we conceived him on a trip to Orlando in February, the most magical place on EARTH…hey maybe that’s how it happened! After a few weeks of being a a diet and working out, getting my health kick on, I suddenly realized that I was LATE….soooo I waited until May 2nd 2009, I know because I waited till the following week on May 10th (mother’s day) to tell my family I was finally going to be a mom, and I took a pregnancy test (3 tests just to make sure I didn’t get a faulty batch!) and sure enough I was pregnant.

The Night before I gave Birth

The Night before I gave Birth

He was supposed to make his entrance on January 4-5 2010, and my and my hubby were going to get married before he came. Tuesday, December 29th, 2009, my hubby and I got our clothes up, so that we could go to the courthouse and get married after my final prenatal appointment, but at 1:13am a pain in my stomach and back woke me out of the best sleep I had had in a long time during my pregnancy….I thought it was indigestion, my hubby thought it was gas…and we BOTH thought wrong. LoL…I went to the bathroom to see if everything was ok, I took a tinkle and went to lay back down…I  was in sooo much pain, I went back to the bathroom and boom I was bleeding a little, when I thought I was tinkling, MY WATER HAD JUST BROKE….I called my hospital to talk to a mid-wife to see what I should do…I was reading so much stuff on babycentral.com about the mucus plug (blah) and new that once that passed, it was time to go to the hospital, but the nurse told me not to come!!! YEA RIGHT!!! I politely SCREAMED to my hubby to get the bags and get the car running, “We are having a baby!” LoL

It was like a moving, me walking in slow motion, and my hubby zooming past me, grabbing my bag, the baby’s diaper



bag.  We get to the hospital and I have to walk to the door…in the movies the husband runs into the hospital, demands a wheelchair and wheels the mommy to the  delivery room!!! NOT IN REAL LIFE! I walked into the hospital lobby, filled out my own admittance papers, because my Tony (my hubby) was freaking out! Then I was wheeled to another room where a nurse checked me to see how far dilated I was….she told me if i wasn’t about 2-3cm dilated they would send me home, and with the kind of pain I was in, ALEVE, ADVIL not TYLENOL would fix it! When she checked, I was 5-6cm dilated….wooot woooot EPIDURAL here I come! That was all I was worried about…I couldn’t wait to see my baby…after I was fully drugged of course!  After about 2hrs of waiting I got my epidural….my mom, sister and hubby were asked to leave, and thank god…I just wanted to be left alone and sleep…but then after my drugs kicked in and I was in no pain…they walked in the McDonald’s breakfast 😦 no fair!!!!

I fell asleep and after about 4-5hrs I woke up and my whole side was numb, every so often a nurse would come in and check on me and finally after all my begging and pleading to try to get this baby out of me, because I was tired and hungry…and the drugs were wearing off! After 30min, it seemed like an eternity, I gave birth to my son…Jaden , he was 6lb 11oz….DON’T MIND THE TIME STAMP, MY HUBBY FORGOT TO SET IT, OF ALL THE TIMES TO SET IT, HE FORGETS!

dont mind the timestamp

dont mind the timestamp

After I had him, there was like 2sec of silence, then I heard him cry….my baby, this life that was inside me for almost 9mos, is now a little person I can hold, kiss and love! I cried…he cried….my hubby cried…wow! I was always the person, who would baby sit for others, because when the kids got annoying I could call their parents, no one ever thought I would have a kid…I know I never thought I would! That day I felt blessed, proud, tired, pleased…lol and hungry…so my nurse got me to my room and my family left ( thank god, I was exhausted!) a few hours later I was about to hold my cleaned up son! We stayed in the hospital 2days, he was able to leave after his looked over by the Dr.   TIME TO TAKE BABY HOME!!!

Time with baby Jaden

Time with baby Jaden

2yrs later….we have an awesome son, that brings joy and laughter, as well as frustration and exhaustion to our lives! AAAAWWW to be a parent, I love it! 🙂

Well thiswas just a little insight into our life…


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