Jaden's Treats


2nd Edition of Korean Grocery Snacks….

on February 20, 2012


This is the 2nd installment of the Korean grocery store snacks. This episode features salty and sweet chips, crackers and a spicy pickled fruit! Usually I am not one for chips…I like a crisp now and then, but i rarely keep them in the house for myself….Jaden loves them, so we keep them in the house for him! This was a very interesting taste test, to say the least, Korean snacks are not quite like American snacks…they have many different types of chips…our chips consist of potatoes or corn chips…theirs consisted of ramyun, sweet potato even seafood! Yup that’s right seafood…our goldfish crackers are made of cheese, their’s are made from shrimp…Shrimp flavor crackers seem to be a big thing in Asian cultures…I have seen them in Japanese stores, Thai stores and now my local Korean store! While I like my shrimp on a skewer or scampi’ed I don’t think I can get into fish flavor crackers! We sampled some really yummy snacks and can’t wait to share our experience with you! It took us a while to edit these…were aren’t pro’s sooo we hope u like them.



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