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About Us

WE are new to WordPress, and just want to introduce ourselves. We are a family, living in South Florida, trying to move to South Korea. We are making this blog to document our journey to a goal. Joyce is a full time mom, student, and worker trying to better the life of our 1yr old son. Antonio is a full time …. ummm…. full time job seeker, while Jaden is a full time toddler, who loves to make mommy laugh.

WE are using this WordPress, to hopefully get traffic to our youtube page, and this blog; where we will be posting recipes and blogging about just random things. So if you like what you see then, subscribe…if you want to see a recipe made, request….if you want to say hi, email us! We are very friendly and love meeting and talking to new people.

Dont speak english…well that’s all we speak, but we can google translate and we can say hi in different languages

hello, hola, annyeong, bonjour, aloha, oi…ummmm hi :0/

about us



Jaden loves to watch Yo Gabba, Gabba! and other kid friendly t.v. shows. He loves to play fight and real fight daddy, giving mommy sweet hugs and slobber kisses, he is the cutest thing since a puppy wearing a Easter bunny costume (now that is adorable!) Jaden loves to color and draw scribbles on walls, pillows, and anything of importance to mommy or daddy (and your stuff too, if you let him!)

Jaden hates sleeping without his blanket, when people don’t share treats with him, seeing people cry, when people tell him NO! (that is never a good thing in Jaden’s book!!) when people try to take his food and he doesn’t like being hot or sleepy (it makes him cranky, then he makes us cranky LoL!!!)

HE’S THE BEST KID A MOM CAN ASK FOR! (he didn’t pay me to say it!!!)


Mommy and Daddy

this is an old pic, I was 7mos pregnant with Jaden!

Tony loves to eat, sleep, watch anime, manga, K-pop, K-drama, K-variety, drawing, playing Xbox, playing Wii, Netflix fanatic, loves coloring, helping me cook, helping me bake, getting on my nerves

Tony hates when I get mad, when he can’t play Xbox or Wii, when he can’t watch Netflix, when mommy pampers Jaden over him, cold showers, no love from mommy, when mommy sticks up for Jaden (even tho he is wrong…lol)

Joyce loves baking, cooking, K-pop, K-drama, K-variety, J-pop, rock, neo-soul, alternative, metal, r & b, jazz,  dancing, drawing, hot coffee, bread and butter, peanuts, nutella, Harry Potter, Vampires, RAIN (rainism!!!), Ninjas (enough said), Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (in Interview with the Vampire), listening to music, singing aloud at random moments, dancing …aloud…at random moments, blogging, making videos for our YouTube channel, ranch dressing with turkey meatballs (don’t judge me), fresh bakes cookies, anything with rice, noodles, I LOVE TO “…”, tattoos, piercings, puppies, kittens, KIMCHI, sci-fi, horror shows/films, Jaden and Tony

Joyce hates not holding Jaden, when Jaden gives away mommy’s sweet kisses and hugs!, cold cookies (booooo), warm milk, iced coffee (really, cold coffee, come on!!!!), the work “sack” (say bag or something!!), the word “balls” and “nuts”(BLUSHES!), vacuuming, sweating, sweeping, water dripping down my face, neck or back…hair on my face, people touching my face, people spitting while they talk!, coughing/sneezing w/o covering your mouth…I can go on!

Now that you know a little more about us, if you want to know more….then…..

Drop us a line!

❤ Joyce, Antonio and Jaden! :)


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