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Dakbokkeumtang…OUR WAY


This is a recipe I saw on Maangchi YouTube channel! It's a spicy braised chicken with potatoes and onions! It's a sweet heat and it will keep you comin back for more! So let's get started!

2-3lbs of chicken pieces (we used drummettes)
1medium onion, cut into chunks
2medium potatoes, cut into chunks!
(Sometime we use carrots but I will keep it simple right now)

Sauce Ingredients
1/4cup soy sauce
1/4cup pepper paste
1/4cup garlic
1tbsp sugar
1tbsp ginger
2tbsp pepper flakes

Other ingredients
2cups water

In a bowl mix the ingredients for the sauce and set aside.

Over high heat, In a big pot add your chicken and onions sauce and water. Cook on high for 15- 20min covered. Stir occasionally!

After the 15-20min are up add in you potatoes, lower the heat to medium and stir the potatoes in with the chicken and spicy broth!

Cover and cook for and additional 15-20min.

The sauce should be thick if not, then take a potatoes and smush it on the side on the pot and let it cook for 5min more!

Garnish with sesame seeds!

Serve with rice and kimchi! (We served our with kimchi and. Rolled egg!)

We also added a little bit of bok choy in with the chicken! To give it a little more crunch!



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New blog names….?

Hello everyone! It’s been a while now! We have been contemplating on whether we shoukd change the name of our blog…since now we have iur new addition to our family! Our treats will soon be Jaden’s and AJ’s treats. So what should our new name be? Should we change the name or keep it? Give us some ideas on names! The blog will be getting updated more now, because mommy bought herself a new tablet….so that means no more neglect, no more being so lazy that I don’t feel like touching my desktop/laptop!

So again, sorry for being gone so long, we had a lot of things going on with AJ and Jaden! Sleep has become something of the past and its still not getting any better! So please pray for my sanity and my nerves! LoL just kidding….no but seriously help me! ūüôā

Xoxo jaden and aj’s treats

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50-50 Chance!

boy or girl

Which will it be?


Hello my friends, tomorrow is August 23rd, 2012, the day WE (Jaden, mommy and daddy) find out if we are having a boy or a girl! We are sooo excited, Mommy wants another boy, Daddy wants a little girl and Jaden just wants a baby! LOL Either way we are all excited, but want the baby, whatever sex it may be, to be healthy and happy!

XoXo ~ Jaden’s Treats


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Korean Kimbap….Our Way :)

Crab Kimbap

Korean Kimbap….its a quick snack and can be bought in your local Korean grocery store, well I know that they sell them at my local Korean grocery! They are like Sushi rolls, ¬†but they are the Korean version! They are light and tasty! The filling can range from imitation crab meat, beef, chicken or vegetarian…it also¬†contains¬†cucumber,¬†Korean¬†pickled radish, a strip of scramble egg. ¬†As a dipping sauce I combine soy sauce, Korean pepper flakes, rice vinegar and sesame oil…its gives the kimbap a salty, tangy, sweet kick. I will put the recipe for the sauce and the kimbap below!

Kimbap  (this recipe is for 10 sheets of seaweed)

  • 1pkg of Seaweed wrappers
  • 3cups cooked short grain rice
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 large & long cucumber
  • 10pcs Korean pickled radish
  • 10-20pcs of imitation crab meat (10pcs if u like thin meat or 20pcs if u want meaty kimbap)
  • 1tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper flakes (optional)
  • bamboo mat (we used a silpat!)


  • In a microwaveable safe bowl, add the vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper flakes. Heat on medium for 1min or until the salt and sugar have dissolved.
  • Season the rice with the vinegar mixture and let it cool! HOT RICE WILL MAKE THE WRAPPER TOO SOFT TOO FAST AND MAKE UR KIMBAP GO KAPUT!
  • Once the rice has cooled (about 10-15min, warm rice if ok!) take one wrapper at a time and press the rice to one ends of the wrapper.
rice and wrapper

rice and wrapper

  • At the end of the wrapper, closest to the edge of your¬†mat, add the crab, the cucumber, the egg and the pickled radish, and start rolling. First roll with your hand, to secure the filling, then roll the kimbap the rest of the way by using the mat! Once rolled, tightly squeeze the roll to make sure that it’s secure and the filling won’t fall out.

There you go! You have made your very first kimbap! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Now for the sauce, don’t worry this is easy! The fills 10 wrappers, but this can feed a huge party! We filled 3 tupperwares of ¬†long bowls. This recipe would be get for a party, potluck, or just to have frozen for a quick snack down the road.

Our Kimbap Sauce

  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tsp Korean pepper flakes

Directions this is going to be the hard part!

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl!
  2. Mix!
  3. Serve!

Below is the gallery for the kimbap! I hope you enjoy it!




Gone but not forgotten….I Hope

I have been gone for a month or so, being 17wks pregnant for the 2nd time ni my life, isn’t going as easy as it did before with my first child. This pregnancy is a tiring one! I go can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, pin, dime …pretty much I am tired all the time! I feel like cookingand baking but my body it telling me to sit down and sleep! But recently, aka this morning, I have been feeling not as tired as I usually wa. Will I feel like this all week?…I doubt it! But I feel like this now, and I feel like korean food. All week, I have been eating Mexican food…at least I can say this baby is making me crave the good stuff!

TODAY, I will be going home and making KIMBAP…I will post the recipe for this Korean treat. I am promising myself and you all this recipe, because it pains me that I havent made a post in over 1 month…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! LoL.

So stay tuned for Kimbap…OUR WAY! ¬†We will try to keep it traditional!


The Daring Cook’s June 2012: Cannelloni

Cannelloni A La Pesto

Cannelloni A La Pesto

Well look who decided to show up!?!?! Yup, it’s us! I know we have been gone a loooooong time, but we have been super busy adjusting to being pregnant and having another bundle of joy on the way. Right now we are about, I THINK, 1.5months – 2months pregnant…mommy has been really tired, and found the strength to make this daring challenge. The cannelloni were awesome, we have baked ziti this week, so mommy wanted to try a pesto sauce instead! AND BOY was it great…I ate a whole one all by myself, well mommy feed it to me! The recipe we used wasn’t on the site, there was a pesto recipe, but it didn’t include meat; and mommy needs meat in her dishes (the baby is making her appetite weird!) So we will post the original recipe from the site at the bottom of our recipe. This altered recipe pairs really well with apple juice, what I’m 2yrs old I can’t drink liquor!

We will also be posting a recipe for an awesome sweet challenge in the next few days.

For these cannelloni, you are supposed to use fresh pasta, and we did…but we have made these plenty of time before and used wonton wrappers or lasagna noodles…they will be smaller if you used the noodles and the wrappers are great to save time, but making fresh pasta is always the best…just makes you feel proud that you made pasta from scratch! Well to me it does! I let me pasta sit in the fridge ¬†after making it…keeps it moist and won’t get brittle while you are trying to figure out what to fill it with.

Ingredients (what we used

2lbs ground turkey (you can use beef or pork…mommy eats healthy so turkey!)

8oz heavy cream

16oz pesto (you can make it fresh or buy it…since i made the pasta, i bought the pesto!)

2tsp italian seasoning (1tsp basil, 1tsp parsley)

1tsp garlic powder (or 2 cloves garlic)

1tsp onion powder (or 1/2 medium onion)

Cannelloni Ingredients

(to make enough cannelloni for 4 persons): (we used this and also added 1/2 more to the recipe!)

100 grams (2/3 cup plus 2 teaspoons) (170 ml) (3¬Ĺ oz) plain (all-purpose) flour

1 large egg

Pasta Directions:

  1. Put the flour and eggs in a food processor and mix. When the dough looks like crumbs, pour it onto the bench top sprinkled with a little flour. Knead well by hand until you obtain a smooth dough. Make it into a ball, wrap it in cling wrap and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Now you are ready to make your egg pasta. Cut out a piece of egg pasta dough and flatten it into a rectangular shape with your hands. Put a little flour on it and begin passing it though the pasta machine. Turn the dial to the widest setting (#1) and, starting with one of the shorter sides of the rectangle, feed it through the rollers. Now fold one side of the piece of dough into the middle, then fold the other side over that to form 3 layers. Starting with one of the narrower sides of the folded dough, feed the pasta through the machine, again at the widest setting. Repeat the folding and rolling technique on the widest setting for at least a couple of times.
  3. Now you can start rolling it thinner, by turning the dial to the next narrowest setting (# 2). Roll the pasta through the machine without folding the dough between settings. Keep reducing the settings until #7 (it is the second last on my machine ‚Äď about 1 mm thick). If the sheet of pasta gets too long, you can cut it in half with a knife. To make cannelloni, cut out rectangular pasta sheets (10×15 cm) (4‚ÄĚx6‚ÄĚ).

Filling Directions:

  1. Start by browning the meat, if you are using fresh garlic and onion, the brown them also in this step.
  2. Add the Italian seasonings, salt and pepper and let cook for an additional 2-3min.
  3. Let the meat mix cool and add the ricotta and taste to see if you need more seasoning.
  4. While the filling is cooling, in a shallow pan…boil water for the pasta sheets. Once water boils, add one sheet at a time and let it cook for about 1min. This will help the noodles be tender when cooked and not doughy! Let them noodles cool and let’s start rolling.
  5. By now everything should be cool enough to start working with it! Preheat your oven to 350F.
  6. Take a tablespoon and fill the dough with the filling, fold over and place into your baking pan.
  7. Cover the finished cannelloni with the pesto sauce and place into the over for 20-25min. ¬†Add more cheese on top and broil for 5min. Then you’re finished!

Hope you make this recipe and I hope you enjoy it! As promised here int eh original pesto recipe from the site…enjoy the gallery


Ingredients (serves 4)
Cannelloni sheets per recipe above (you should have about 8 sheets)

For pesto (makes about 190 gms/ 1cup)
2 cups (480 ml) (80 gm) (2¬ĺ oz) basil, washed
¬ľ cup (60 ml) (15 gm) (¬Ĺ oz) parsley, washed
1 small clove garlic
3 tablespoons (45 ml) (25 gm) (¬ĺ oz) Pecorino Romano, finely grated
1 tablespoons (15 ml) (10 gm) (¬ľ oz) Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated
4 to 5 tablespoons (45 to 60 ml) extra virgin olive oil
¬Ĺ tablespoon (12¬Ĺ ml) (5 gm) pine nuts
Salt to taste

For the filling 
2 cups (480 ml) (500 gm) (18 oz) ricotta
¬ĺ cup (180 ml) (150 gm) (5‚Öďoz) pesto (from the above recipe)
1¬Ĺ cups (360 ml) (85 gm/3 oz) Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated
1 pinch nutmeg
Salt and pepper to taste
1 small potato, boiled and sliced
8 green beans, boiled

To assemble
2 cups (500 ml) béchamel sauce
¬ľ cup (60 ml) (40 gm) (1¬Ĺ oz) of pesto (from the above recipe)
¬Ĺ cup (120 ml) (35 gm/1 oz) Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated


  1. Start by making pesto. Simply blend the garlic, pine nuts, salt, basil, parsley and half the extra virgin olive oil together (I use a hand blender to do this) until obtaining a fine paste. Transfer to a bowl, add the grated cheeses and the remaining extra virgin olive oil and mix well. Adjust salt to taste and cover it with a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil to prevent oxidation. Keep it aside.
  2. To make the filling, mix the ricotta, ¬ĺ cup (150 gm) of pesto, 1¬Ĺ cups (85 gm/3 oz) of Parmigiano Reggiano, nutmeg, salt and pepper together until well combined. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  3. Mix the béchamel sauce with the remaining pesto.
  4. Put a large pot with salty water on the fire and bring to a boil. Cook the pasta sheets in it for 1 minute. Do this in batches (I use a shallow but large pot and I cook them in 1 layer, so I am sure they do not stick together). Remove them with a slotted spoon and put them on a clean tea towel to cool down.
  5. Now take one sheet of cooked pasta and put 1/8 of the filling along the long side of the rectangle. Put 1 boiled green bean and 1 or 2 slices of boiled potatoes on top and roll the pasta over to make a cannellone. Do so for the remaining rectangles of pasta.
  6. Take a big enough oven dish to fit all your cannelloni tightly. Spray the oven dish with some cooking oil (or melted butter) and pour some béchamel and pesto sauce on the bottom. Spread it well, especially in the corners. Put the cannelloni in the oven dish on 1 layer.
  7. Cover the cannelloni with the b√©chamel and pesto sauce and sprinkle with the remaining ¬Ĺ cup (120 ml) (35 gm/1 oz) of Parmigiano Reggiano.
  8. Bake them in a pre-heated moderate oven 350¬įF/180¬įC/gas mark 4 for 20 minutes, then broil (grill) them at 400¬įF/200¬įC for another 5 minutes.
  9. Serve immediately.


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This just in……FYI

Hello my fellow bloggers/friends…we just found out on this past Friday that we are expecting!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY I am going to be a new mommy! The hubby and I are happy, Jaden is still oblivious to the fact that he is going to have a sibling. We don’t know how far along we are yet, but once we get an update we will post our progress so you guys can be in the loop!

What made us (me) take the test, was the fact that I was extremely tired lately and also I have been craving lots of sweets. I think I’m about 3wks, but when I know for sure, I will post it! Again we are sorry for the lack of updates, but I will try to post a recipe soon.


Random, NEW MOMMY POST! done!


Jaden’s Treats


Hiya! it’s been a long time!

‚̧ With my stupid camera being on vacation, it works when it wants to, and my being super duper tired…i have been neglecting my blog and you guys…i feel horrible. We will be posting more recipes, starting tonight, we will be making brownies or maybe a cake…something nice to show our appreciation for liking us so much not to leave us.

I have been spending a lot of time pampering myself…aka doing my own nails and splurging on nail things. I have always loved doing my nails, and being creative. I will post up some pics of some of the things I have done in the recent weeks…if people enjoy it, hit the LIKE BUTTON!

Again, please make requests it keeps up fresh and gives up new ideas. I love to bake, but we don’t want to keep posting the same thing over and over again!

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Growing up in the 80’s and the 90’s

Being a baby of the 80’s and a teen in the late 90’s, gave me the opportunity to experience movies and music of both decades (uggggh i feel old! LOL) I got to grow up watching awesome shows and movies, listening to music, that even though they referred to sex, it wasnt as distasteful and raunchy like the music of today. When video vixens wore lingerie¬†or tight biker shorts, mini dresses or daisy dukes and that was like “wow I hope my mom doesn’t see me watching this video!”


¬†¬† When tv shows thought kissing was too taboo, but talked about important issues like teen sex, drugs, teen pregnancy and abuse. I mean tv shows are not like they used to be when I was growing up. Music was music in the 80’s, I mean “Take on me” “Tainted Love” come on these are classics! LoL George Michael, Sting, The Police, PRINCE(OMG I LOVE YOU),¬†Madonna, Taylor Dayne, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, INXS,¬†I could go on and on and on and on…I love listening to the music I grew up with, now I see with grandmas and grandpas always told us our music was just noise, because that’s how I feel about some of the music today. Rap and R&B are all about sex and they make it known which act they are talking about too!


¬†¬† I remember¬†waking up to¬†MTV (back¬†when it used to play music!!! REMEMBER THOSE DAY?!?!?!?!?!)¬†My mom was a young mother so I grew up listening to¬†New Edition, New¬†Kids¬†on the¬†Block, Boyz to Men, George Michael, Prince, Michael Jackson.¬†Plus my¬†dad’s music, he’s old as dirt, Same Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Barry¬†White¬†… I mean¬†I had the best of both worlds! My sister and I used to stay up¬†late, and sneak watch Arsenio¬†Hall, while my mom ironed our clothes for school. Watching Martin,¬†In Living Color and Living Single while my mom did my hair for school the next day.¬†Aw it brings a smile to my face thinking about the good old days, before working and changing diapers became¬†my life!

¬† I remember watching My So Called¬†Life marathons on MTV….OMG¬†I still love Jared Leto (he was Jordan Catalano!), having crushes on¬†AC Slater (Mario Lopez, before he turned into a fame junkie!),¬†Scott¬†Baio, wasnt he¬†the hottest babysitter ever!, Ralph Macchio, made me want to learn karate,¬†Kirk Cameron, Leo Di Caprio, ALL THE MEMBERS ok NKOTB (don’t judge me!!), Mark Wahlberg, PRINCE (hopefully I won’t get sued for saying his name!!), Michael Jackson (before plastic surgery!)

¬†¬†¬†¬† DON’T GET ME WRONG¬†I¬†LOVE SOME OF TODAY’S MUSIC! 30 SECONDS TO MARS, PRINCE (TEEHEE), I LOVE NEO-SOUL, Adele, the late Amy Winehouse, even though she had a troubled life, she had a great voice! Nickelback, Coldplay, Maxwell, Jill Scott, Floetry…I could go on, but Music is everything to me…if I sit in my car for 2secs without listening to an old R&B song, k-pop song, or soul blasting on my radio/ipod I get cranky! I am not a big fan of today’s rap, it’s just a little too much for me! If you have to edit a song for radio and all you hear is more¬†bleeped out words than a song, then this song should never be released on the radio. THIS POST IS NOT A POST BASHING TV OR MUSIC OF TODAY, ITS A POST ABOUT HOW I MISS THE SIMPLICITY OF WHAT USED TO BE SHOWN ON TV AND BLASTED ON THE AIRWAVES. WHEN YOU COULD LET YOUR KIDS LISTEN TO MUSIC AND NOT BLUSH ABOUT WHAT’S BEING SAID.



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