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New blog names….?

Hello everyone! It’s been a while now! We have been contemplating on whether we shoukd change the name of our blog…since now we have iur new addition to our family! Our treats will soon be Jaden’s and AJ’s treats. So what should our new name be? Should we change the name or keep it? Give us some ideas on names! The blog will be getting updated more now, because mommy bought herself a new tablet….so that means no more neglect, no more being so lazy that I don’t feel like touching my desktop/laptop!

So again, sorry for being gone so long, we had a lot of things going on with AJ and Jaden! Sleep has become something of the past and its still not getting any better! So please pray for my sanity and my nerves! LoL just kidding….no but seriously help me! ūüôā

Xoxo jaden and aj’s treats

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Butternut Squash Puree…..Easy Recipe!

butternut squash puree

butternut squash puree

This is a great puree to use when making butternut squash gnocchi, ¬†and this is also the the puree i use in my butternut squash quick bread and muffin. Its simple and easy…you don’t need anything but a butternut squash, baking sheet, parchment or a silicon mat and of course an oven!


1 butternut squash



Preheat oven to 350 F

Cut butternut squash in half lengthwise and remove seeds.

Place squash, cut side down, in a shallow pan on aluminum foil or Silpat-lined baking sheet.

Bake until squash is soft, approximately 45 to 60 minutes (depending on the size of your squash).

Remove from oven and let cool.

When cool, scoop out the cooked flesh/pulp (discarding the shell),

Place the pulp in a food processor and process until smooth.

Measure out the amount you need for this recipe, and reserve any remaining pulp (either in the refrigerator or freeze) for other uses.

NOTE: This Butternut Squash Puree may be substituted in any recipe that calls for pumpkin puree.

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LoMein our way

Lo Mein

Lo Mein

We made this recipe over the weekend, because we love Chinese, but we don’t want to spend so much eating out….SOOOO, while getting treat from our Korean grocery store, I found egg noodles. Egg noodles are just awesome, these are chewier than spaghetti noodles, and more tasty (well to me they are!). This recipe is easy and quick…you need about 2 handfuls of egg noodles, meat and veggies of your choice. ¬†I hope you enjoy!


  • 16oz noodles
  • 1/2cp sliced carrots
  • 1/2cp sliced bell pepper
  • 1/2cp chopped bok choy
  • 1/2cp sliced onion (i didn’t have any but this is my recipe I always use!)
  • 1tbsp minced garlic
  • 1/2tsp minced ginger
  • 4-6oz of meat of your choice, (thinly sliced beef is what we used)
  • 1/4cp soy sauce
  • 2tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 1tsp sesame oil
  • 1tsp fish sauce
  • 1/4tsp black pepper
  • 100ml water, for steaming

this is an easy recipe…u saute the veggies add the noodles steam for a few minutes and add the sauce…let it cook and keep stirring


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Recipes to come….

Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....

I have signed up to¬†do a fair amount of baking/cooking challenges…I love these things, they are so addictive. They give me, and other bloggers, new recipes to try or gives them the chance to experiment with recipes they use all the time, but want to spice it up a little! So far I am a Daring Kitchen Baker and a Daring Kitchen Cook…I have done 3 challenges, only 1 posted so far the deadline for the other 2 prohibit me from posting until the due date…so this gives me ample time to get creative!

Recipes to come:

  • Quick Breads- I¬†will be posting 3-4 types of these on the 27th
  • Patties, Rotis & Croquettes- I will be posting 3-4 types of these on the 14th

Quick breads are great for making on the wekend or weekday, so that you can snack on them while lounging around or at school or work. They are easy to make and super easy to make savory or sweet…room temp or warmed up….plain or with butter, ice cream,¬†jams, jellies, preserves¬†or cream cheese (I AM GETTING HUNGRY!!! LOL). I will try to make¬†both savoury and swet versions.¬†

Fritters, Rissoles, Croquettes, Patties are simple to make in the fake that you can pretty much put into into them. You need a binder, usually egg, flour and/or breadcrumbs…to hold the patties together, but you can use so many other things! I have made make burgers using turkey meat, egg and cooked rice as the binder…they were flipping awesome! These can be sweet or savoury also…apple ginger fritters (yummmmmm), conch fritters (for all my island people a.k.a. my hubby), corn fritters, crab cakes, tuna cakes, potato croquettes…I can go on, as you can see!

I can’t wait to post these recipes that I have made for each category so be on the look out! If anyone knows other sites that are like the Daring Kitchen…please comment and let me know!

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Homemade Scones (a.k.a. Biscuits!)

Homemade Scones (a.k.a. Biscuits!)

This was a recipe challenge, that I almost missed out on. I had made the recipe video before my detox…thank god!….so I almost forgot that I was supposed to post the finished product online by on the 27th of January. I made 2 recipes, the basic recipe and a cinnamon sugar recipe….you can make different variations of scones/biscuits, from savory cheese and parsley biscuits to sweet cranberry scones. ¬†So like I was saying, I have been super busy with school and work, so it was a great idea that I made these weeks in advance….saved the best to last! LoL

The key to great scones/biscuits, is that you use cold or even frozen butter, you can even¬†refrigerate¬†the flour to make that cold…you¬†don’t¬†want the butter to melt or your scones will not come out like you want them to. Also make sure you sift your flour at least 3-4 times…this will introduce air into the flour and make the scones light and fluffy…trust me I would know…I skipped this step and only sifted once and they turned out to be bricks! ūüė¶ …So STEP 1.¬†again make sure that everything is cold…Step 2¬†triple or quadruple sift your flour. With this recipe, you¬†don’t¬†need a rolling pin, BUT you will need a dough cutter or pastry cutter, if you¬†don’t¬†have one…then you can use a debit card, key card…just make sure when you’re done you wash it off .


Basic Scones (a.k.a. Basic Biscuits)
Servings:¬†about eight 2-inch (5 cm) scones or five 3-inch (7¬Ĺ cm) scones
Recipe can be doubled

1 cup (140 gm) all-purpose flour
2 tsp (10 gm) baking powder
¬ľ tsp ¬†(1¬Ĺ gm) salt
2 tbsp (30 gm) frozen grated butter (I used a cubed butter!- Jaden’s Treats)
¬Ĺ cup (120 ml) cold milk (you can sub for buttermilk)
optional 1 tablespoon milk, for glazing the tops of the scones

1. Preheat oven to very hot 475¬įF/240¬įC/gas mark 9.

2. Triple sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl. (If your room temperature is very hot refrigerate the sifted ingredients until cold.)

3. Rub the frozen grated butter (or combination of fats) into the dry ingredients until it resembles very coarse bread crumbs with some pea-sized pieces if you want flaky scones or until it resembles coarse beach sand if you want tender scones.

4. Add nearly all of the liquid at once into the rubbed-in flour/fat mixture and mix until it just forms a sticky dough (add the remaining liquid if needed). The wetter the dough the lighter the scones (biscuits) will be!

5. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board, lightly flour the top of the dough. To achieve an even homogeneous crumb to your scones knead very gently about 4 or 5 times (do not press too firmly) the dough until it is smooth. To achieve a layered effect in your scones knead very gently once (do not press too firmly) then fold and turn the kneaded dough about 3 or 4 times until the dough has formed a smooth texture. (Use a floured plastic scraper to help you knead and/or fold and turn the dough if you wish.)

6. Pat or roll out the dough into a 6 inch by 4 inch rectangle by about ¬ĺ inch thick (15¬ľ cm by 10 cm by 2 cm thick). Using a well-floured 2-inch (5 cm) scone cutter (biscuit cutter), stamp out without twisting six 2-inch (5 cm) rounds, gently reform the scraps into another ¬ĺ inch (2 cm) layer and cut two more scones (these two scones will not raise as well as the others since the extra handling will slightly toughen the dough). Or use a well-floured sharp knife to form squares or wedges as you desire.

7. Place the rounds just touching on a baking dish if you wish to have soft-sided scones or place the rounds spaced widely apart on the baking dish if you wish to have crisp-sided scones. Glaze the tops with milk if you want a golden colour on your scones or lightly flour if you want a more traditional look to your scones.

8. Bake in the preheated very hot oven for about 10 minutes (check at 8 minutes since home ovens at these high temperatures are very unreliable) until the scones are well risen and are lightly coloured on the tops. The scones are ready when the sides are set.

9. Immediately place onto cooling rack to stop the cooking process, serve while still warm.


scones w/ pineapple apricot preserves

scones w/ pineapple apricot preserves

Watch the video for the steps


Been Busy


¬†¬†¬† WE have been very busy lately! The hubby and I have decided to change ourselves for the better, and what I mean by that is that we decided to detox our bodies for a week and lose this weight! I put on alot of weight when I was pregnant with Jaden and so did my hubby. When I ate, he ate, and when I had leftovers … he ate them! We had bad eating habits during this period in our lives…and it kind of continues, but not as bad. I dont eat the sweets I make unlss I have been really dying to try it (GREEN TEA MUFFINS)…I usually give them to Jaden¬†OR to my family and friends.

¬†¬† So we have decided to change…I want my old body back and he wants his too…he used to be really skinny…my cooking plumpled him up really good! He wants to get into shape so that he can join the Army, and be all the he can be! WOOOOTWOOOOT! WE will make a page on our progress and post our stats on a weekly basis! Hopefully, if we do it like this it will motivate us not to quit and to keep going! Our bodies has been telling us that we need to do this for a while now..so now is the time we are listening! WE are always sleepy and tired, don’t feel like doing much after I get home…its bad…I used to work out everyday! We can’t keep this up, we won’t be able to play with our son if we don’t change.


P.S. Next Recipe–> someone requested marble pound cake … soooo I will be making that tonight and posting it…DON’T WORRY I WILL BE GIVING IT TO MY MOM! WE WONT EAT IT ūüė¶

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Butter Pecan Cookies

Butter Pecan Cookies

Plain Butter Pecan Cookies

These delicate, buttery cookies, which get their crunchy texture from toasted pecans and a sugar coating, practically melt in your mouth. I dip them in chocolate and then in more pecan meal, this gives the cookies a more complex flavor….you have the butter crisp sweet cookie, mixed with the semi-sweet chocolate coating and its finished with they extra bite of the pecan on top! These little gems are great with milk, coffee, tea, water….heck alone! LoL I hope you enjoy


  • 3/4 cp pecans
  • 1/2 cp (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1/3 cp sugar, plus more for coating
  • 1 tsp¬†vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1 cp all-purpose flour
  • 6 oz of semisweet chocolate¬†(OPTIONAL FOR CHOCOLATE SAUCE)
  • 20ml heavy cream or milk¬†(OPTIONAL FOR CHOCOLATE SAUCE)


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. On a baking sheet, toast pecans until fragrant, about 6 minutes. Let cool completely; finely chop.
  • With an electric mixer, cream butter and 1/3 cup sugar until light, about 1 minute. Beat in vanilla, salt, and flour, scraping down sides of bowl, just until dough comes together. Fold in pecans.
  • Separate dough into 12 pieces; squeeze dough to shape into balls. Roll in sugar. Place, 3 inches apart, on a baking sheet. Gently flatten with the bottom of a glass (reshape sides if necessary). Sprinkle with sugar.
  • Bake until golden brown, rotating sheet halfway through, about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with more sugar. Cool cookies on a wire rack.



Jaden’s Treats

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Good Day, Good Morning, Buenos Dias, Bom Dia, Anyong

Morning Coffee¬†¬†¬† Today is a great day! I woke up and it looked¬† like rain and its still chilly outside…this is the best weather..lol!!! I love the cold and I love rain…so the 2 together is a relaxers dream! I am currently at work right now, and I don’t know why, but I feel very refreshed! Last night, was my second time attending my class, and I was just super excited! We had regular class, then we had to attend a Math Orientation, basically…they showed us where we need to go do our math labs and where to get help for math, if needed! Just the thought of me, at my age (I’m 29…gulp…I know I’m not that old, but I think, and know I am the only person my age in my class!), being a student…it’s kinda nerve rattling! Lots of things are running through my mind “I hope I am doing this for the right reasons!,” ¬†“I hope I succeed in what I am trying to accomplish!,” “I hope I can get good grades and not let my son down!” these things keep running through my peanut brain and I just have to sigh and know that I WILL DO THIS!

¬†¬† I have the prayers of my family and that’s all I need! My son gives me strength to accomplish what I have been wanting to start since I had him! I have an A.S. degree in electronic engineering, but this wasnt making me happy! I went to school for my culinary degree and got disgusted by the price of the tuition! The school I am currently attending, yet a community college, allows me to go to school on my salary, work at my own pace and I can attend classes online. I am setting my grade average on A’s and A’s only, that way when I get B’s I will be excited also! LOL…if you set out just to pass the class with the minimal average you always tend to get 1 grade average below. So don’t strive for a¬†‘C’ just to get through it….because u might just get a ‘D’ and fail!

¬†¬†¬† I always tell my hubby, not to think of yourself as a failure, because if you see yourself as one, everyone else will too! To me I AM THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD (i know i’m not! but hey…no one else can tell me otherwise!) Strive for the universe, and you receive merely the world or even¬†a star…you won’t be disappointed! ūüôā


P.S. Recipe to come…mmmmm Pecan Cookies!





This post isnt a spam or anything like that…I found these site about 2yrs ago- well one was 2yrs ago the other was 1mos ago, and thought it would benefit others. I am a person that is always doing something online,whether it be – looking at videos on YouTube, Blogging, looking at other blogs, shopping or paying¬†bills (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). About 2yrs ago, I was on maternity leave and looking for something to do to make extra money, while sitting on my fat butt waiting for this 6lb 11oz baby to come out, so I searched “work at home mom jobs” and came across this site InboxDollars, this site claims to give you money for taking free surveys, reading emails and shopping…right there I was skeptical, but they give you a $5 sign up bonus, so I was like ok if it sucks I have nothing to lose…IT’S A FREE SITE! I used to use this religiously while on maternity leave, after I got back to work, I quit doing the surveys and all that, so it automatically cancels your account. You can receive your check once you hit $30…before I stopped participating I cashed in like 5 times (wooootwooooot)¬†2 months ago, I started up again and thought hey…this is something others should know about…so here is it I am sharing everything with you!

This is a snapshot of my amount in InboxDollars so far, I don’t want to cash in until I get to maybe $100 or maybe I will let it go pass that!



¬†¬†¬†¬† The next site I found it about¬†1 mon¬†ago and it’s pretty much the


same thing…I dont recommend doing both, because they usually have the same email offers, the surveys differ though, that site is SendEarnings¬†this site is prety much like Inboxdollars, but I thought hey sign up for 2 sites double my money…so far I have made about¬†a¬†McDonald’s Value¬†Meal worth of¬†earnings! I dont know what the cash out¬†amount is here, but I believe its $30 as well…here is my account¬†right now, its not that much, but when you tally up the amounts for both sites, I am not doing bad…I dont do lots of shopping like I used to, but they have deals¬†where to get money for joining popular sites, getting approved for credit cards, even money for you checking your credit score for free (well you put in your credit card info, and it¬†charges you¬†$1–so you get a profit of $7)¬†LoL this¬†site helped me pay alot of bills¬†off.¬†. .¬†¬†


sooooo if you want to try them, please click on the links and sign up…you have nothing to lose. The surveys are easy and they survery you about everyday things!

Enjoy the Free Money!


Jaden’s Treats

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The PERFECT Cinnamon Buns!

Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun

Homemade cinnamon buns, I can hardly think of any three words more welcome on a cold morning. Just saying them is soothing somehow, bringing up flashes of warm, butter-rich bread and icing that is  smooth and luscious. Homemade cinnamon buns, say it, and the tongue does a little dance in your mouth, mmmmmm makes your mouth water as the sound of it!

I love the idea of homemade cinnamon buns, but that’s the problem, I love the idea…the reality is another story. I feel awfully silly saying this, but I’m¬†weary of yeast. Making cinnamon rolls, of course, means working with yeast. That’s where the trouble starts.

The secret, I discovered, is rapid-rise yeast. Unlike active dry yeast, this variety requires no proofing, which-thank goodness!-means it can be mixed right in with the dry ingredients. So the dough is fool proof, because this fool was able to make it- LoL! 

I initially wasn’t going to post this recipe, but after I took a bite of these fluffy, luscious creations….I decided that it would be unjust to sit on this gold mine! So I dont have photos on the process, but I do have pics of the end result!

With this recipe you can put you own spin on it, add lemon or orange zest for a citrusy twist, add raisins or nuts to the filling… to the icing add a¬†tbsp or 2¬†of rum for adults only buns, or lemon or orange…there are so many thing you can do to tweek it to make it your own! So here is what you need!


  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 3 1/2 cups (or more) unbleached all purpose flour, divided
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons rapid-rise yeast (from 2 envelopes yeast)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Nonstick vegetable oil spray


  • 3/4 cup (packed)¬†light brown sugar, (I use Dark – i love the rich molasses flavor)
  • 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature


  • 4 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Combine milk and butter in glass measuring cup. Microwave on high until butter melts and mixture is just warmed to 120¬įF to 130¬įF, 30 to 45 seconds. Pour into bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment.
  • Add 1 cup flour, sugar, egg, yeast, and salt. Beat on low speed 3 minutes, stopping occasionally to scrape down sides of bowl.
  • Add 2 1/2 cups flour. Beat on low until flour is absorbed and dough is sticky, scraping down sides of bowl. (IF dough is very sticky, add more flour by tablespoonfuls until dough begins to form ball and pulls away from sides of bowl.)
  • Turn dough out onto lightly floured work surface. Knead until smooth and elastic, adding more flour if sticky, about 8 minutes. Form into ball.
  • Lightly oil large bowl with nonstick spray. Transfer dough to bowl, turning to coat. Cover bowl with plastic wrap, then kitchen towel. Let dough rise in warm¬†area until doubled in volume, about 2 hours.


  • Mix brown sugar and cinnamon in medium bowl.
  • Punch down dough. Transfer to floured work surface. Roll out to 15×11-inch rectangle. Spread butter over dough, leaving 1/2-inch border. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar evenly over butter. Starting at 1 long side, roll dough into log, pinching gently to keep it rolled up. With seam side down, cut dough crosswise with thin sharp knife into 18 equal slices (each about 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide).
  • Spray two 9-inch square glass baking dishes with nonstick spray. Divide rolls between baking dishes, arranging cut side up (there will be almost no space between rolls). Cover baking dishes with plastic wrap, then kitchen towel. Let dough rise in warm draft-free area until almost doubled in volume, 40 to 45 minutes.
  • Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 375¬įF. Bake rolls until tops are golden, about 20 minutes. TURN THE TRAY AFTER 10MIN OF BAKING¬†THIS HELPS EVENLY COOK THE BUNS!
  • Remove from oven and invert immediately onto rack. Cool 10 minutes. Turn rolls right side up.¬†


  • Combine cream cheese, powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla in medium bowl. Using electric mixer, beat until smooth. Spread glaze on rolls. Serve warm or at room temperature.



Jaden’s Treats



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