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Wicked Tired

Tonight I went to see the most greatest show in the world….of all time!!!! Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show…OMG…i will have footage of the show posting soon, I might be going again tomorrow! If you have to chance to ever see it, I suggest you go. The show is based around Michael Jackson’s greatest hits…some songs are just danced to and other songs have acrobats performing to them. WOW WOW WOW WOW is all I have to say! Stay Tuned!

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Recipes to come….

Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....

I have signed up to do a fair amount of baking/cooking challenges…I love these things, they are so addictive. They give me, and other bloggers, new recipes to try or gives them the chance to experiment with recipes they use all the time, but want to spice it up a little! So far I am a Daring Kitchen Baker and a Daring Kitchen Cook…I have done 3 challenges, only 1 posted so far the deadline for the other 2 prohibit me from posting until the due date…so this gives me ample time to get creative!

Recipes to come:

  • Quick Breads- I will be posting 3-4 types of these on the 27th
  • Patties, Rotis & Croquettes- I will be posting 3-4 types of these on the 14th

Quick breads are great for making on the wekend or weekday, so that you can snack on them while lounging around or at school or work. They are easy to make and super easy to make savory or sweet…room temp or warmed up….plain or with butter, ice cream, jams, jellies, preserves or cream cheese (I AM GETTING HUNGRY!!! LOL). I will try to make both savoury and swet versions. 

Fritters, Rissoles, Croquettes, Patties are simple to make in the fake that you can pretty much put into into them. You need a binder, usually egg, flour and/or breadcrumbs…to hold the patties together, but you can use so many other things! I have made make burgers using turkey meat, egg and cooked rice as the binder…they were flipping awesome! These can be sweet or savoury also…apple ginger fritters (yummmmmm), conch fritters (for all my island people a.k.a. my hubby), corn fritters, crab cakes, tuna cakes, potato croquettes…I can go on, as you can see!

I can’t wait to post these recipes that I have made for each category so be on the look out! If anyone knows other sites that are like the Daring Kitchen…please comment and let me know!

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Weekend is over!!!!

Jaden being Jaden

Jaden being Jaden

Well I spent the majority of the weekend, hanging with Jaden and Tony…I got a lot of studying and homework done also! YAAAAAY!!! I wish I would have taken more than the 1 class, but this college algebra is a killer! I realized how rusty I am with multiplication and division…wow…I am not smarter than a 5th grader!!! LoL!!! While I did my homework, Jaden decided to learn to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider!” on his keyboard, that his nana gave to him for Christmas! After all the studying, I got a craving for strawberry shortcake, so I decided to make one…recipe to come…I got everything ready, baked my cake and found out that my whipping cream froze in the back of the fridge..I try to keep at least 3-4 cartons in the fridge at a time! sooooo I had to re-work my plan, so I made a blueberry & vanilla bean shortcake…lol. I will be posting the recipe tomorrow…because i have to do the final icing for the cake…not sure if I want to glaze it or frost it! Hhhhhmmmmmmm decisions, decisions! Well tomorrow, I will make up my mind after I get out of my Lab class for school…busy busy bee I am, after I decide I will post the final recipe on here. I also have to get ready to post my Daring Bakers’s Scones Challenge…I LOVE SCONES (BISCUITS!)

Random thought of the day done


Jaden’s Treats

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Good Day, Good Morning, Buenos Dias, Bom Dia, Anyong

Morning Coffee    Today is a great day! I woke up and it looked  like rain and its still chilly outside…this is the best weather..lol!!! I love the cold and I love rain…so the 2 together is a relaxers dream! I am currently at work right now, and I don’t know why, but I feel very refreshed! Last night, was my second time attending my class, and I was just super excited! We had regular class, then we had to attend a Math Orientation, basically…they showed us where we need to go do our math labs and where to get help for math, if needed! Just the thought of me, at my age (I’m 29…gulp…I know I’m not that old, but I think, and know I am the only person my age in my class!), being a student…it’s kinda nerve rattling! Lots of things are running through my mind “I hope I am doing this for the right reasons!,”  “I hope I succeed in what I am trying to accomplish!,” “I hope I can get good grades and not let my son down!” these things keep running through my peanut brain and I just have to sigh and know that I WILL DO THIS!

   I have the prayers of my family and that’s all I need! My son gives me strength to accomplish what I have been wanting to start since I had him! I have an A.S. degree in electronic engineering, but this wasnt making me happy! I went to school for my culinary degree and got disgusted by the price of the tuition! The school I am currently attending, yet a community college, allows me to go to school on my salary, work at my own pace and I can attend classes online. I am setting my grade average on A’s and A’s only, that way when I get B’s I will be excited also! LOL…if you set out just to pass the class with the minimal average you always tend to get 1 grade average below. So don’t strive for a ‘C’ just to get through it….because u might just get a ‘D’ and fail!

    I always tell my hubby, not to think of yourself as a failure, because if you see yourself as one, everyone else will too! To me I AM THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD (i know i’m not! but hey…no one else can tell me otherwise!) Strive for the universe, and you receive merely the world or even a star…you won’t be disappointed! 🙂


P.S. Recipe to come…mmmmm Pecan Cookies!


Work+Mommy+X-mas= Tired and Angry!

Angry Santa Claus
I feel your pain Santa

I’m not really angry… I don’t think?!?! I am tired though, really, really, really really tired! Can’t wait for the holidays to be over, once the 25th has passed, I have to buy birthday gifts for my son’s 2nd birthday…he will be 2yrs old on the 30th of this month! YAAAAAAAAY!!!! and BOOOOOOO!!!!! he is already acting like a terrible 2yr old and he is super spoiled (that’s my mom’s fault …and mine!)

Well yesterday, I beat the lines and snicked 14 items in the 10 items or less lane…YUP I’M A REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE! Needless to say the cashier was upset, but I expressed that no one else was behind me when I snuck over here….sooooo please just this once can you please make an exception? She did, them my mom snuck up with like 18 items…the cashier was like “OMG you guys are going to get me in trouble!,” SOOOO I turned around and ‘yelled’ at my mom ” mom why are you in the line with so many items…I laughed and tip-toed away!

I got a good amount of gifts done, but I still need to get my son more things….’WHY?,’ because he is a terrorist and if I don’t meet his demands, he wont give mommy any kisses of hugs! AND I NEED THOSE!!!! So back to the store once I get off from work, uuuuugh happy times! Plus I have to bake gifts too….wooooot this is going to be the best part, but then I need to buy tins to mail out; one more store I have to make a pit stop at!

Whelp, that concludes my random thought for the moment! LoL

xoxo, Jaden’s Treats


Christmas Time is here!

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

Ugh I am so dreading this christmas, I love the X-mas spirit, but I hate the X-mas traffic, the X-mas lines in the stores and the X-mas tourists (bad drivers)! But since it is Christmas, this gives me the excuse to bake like crazy and the hubby can’t say anything! ::EVIL GRIN:: On the Christmas List of treats, will be….hmmmmmm

  • Rum Balls
  • Truffles
  • Lemon and Vanilla Sugar cookies
  • Chocolate Milanos with Almond Cream Filling
  • Red Velvet Checkered Cake

I believe this is good enough, for right now! I will be sending these away to family and friends! I would love to give some away as a contest, but my blog isnt that popular..lol! I will post the videos of each recipe on my youtube channel, then immediately to our site!This is the best way I like to spend my Xmas, with family and friends, baking pans, spatula and flour all over my kitchen! Aaahhh the smell of things baking! what more could I ask for!

Today will be a busy day, after work, I have to start my Xmas shopping, yea…I know “WHY SO LATE!”? I am a MAJOR PROCASTINATOR! I love and hate doing things at the last minute! But I have to make this Xmas a good one for my little man, he will only play with the boxes, but that is normal! What do you get a 1yr old for Xmas? GIFT WRAPPED BOXES,  SHOULD THOSE BOXES CONTAIN A GIFT, EVEN THOUGH HE WILL PLAY WITH THE BOX MORE?

My sister bought him a 10pc kiddie drum set…..what the hell….I don’t even think real drum sets have 10pcs, my mom bought him a keyboard (i think), are they trying to drive me crazy?!?!?!?! I guess something is better than nothing!

Well random post of the day is done, back to work for me!

Happy Holidays, from Jaden’s Treats!


(p.s. if I have anyone that is a subscriber or liker, and you would like baked treat, please message us at jadenstreats@gmail.com … we would love to send you some! After all you are friend to us, and our friends are family!!)


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