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   There is nothing better than comin home, on a chilly night and having a nice bowl of tomato soup with a crusty bread  or a grilled cheese sandwich …mmmmmm! Oops, back to the recipe lol. This recipe is one that I make all the time, and since I have been preggers I have been craving veggies, fruit and starch! So saturday I decided to make homemade Tomato and Basil soup! I served it with already made mini french baguettes, because I’m 8 months pregnant I dont have time or the ankles to stand a make bread right now! LoL! The recipe is fairly easy and all you need are  tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil! If you want creamy tomato soup I will also list how much you will need in the recipe, but the soup pictured is a basic soup no cream added!    ENJOY!!!!!! 


4 cups chopped fresh tomatoes, (WE USED 4 BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES)

1 large onion, chunks

4 whole cloves

2 cups chicken broth

2 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons white sugar, or to taste

2 teaspoons basil, thinly chopped

1 cup heavy cream (optional for a creamy soup)



  •  In a large saucepan, combine the tomatoes, vegetables, and chicken broth.
  • Bring to a boil, and cook for 30 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, and stir in the basil.
  • At this point, you may puree the soup if you wish.
  • Add the butter; return to medium-low heat, and stir until butter is melted and soup starts to thicken
  • Add the cream if you want a cream of tomato soup
  • Serve immediately. With grilled cheese sandwiches or crusty bread!

If you want a little heat…. add a bit of red pepper flakes per bowl… or 1/2 tsp for the entire pot!



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Korean Kimbap….Our Way :)

Crab Kimbap

Korean Kimbap….its a quick snack and can be bought in your local Korean grocery store, well I know that they sell them at my local Korean grocery! They are like Sushi rolls,  but they are the Korean version! They are light and tasty! The filling can range from imitation crab meat, beef, chicken or vegetarian…it also contains cucumber, Korean pickled radish, a strip of scramble egg.  As a dipping sauce I combine soy sauce, Korean pepper flakes, rice vinegar and sesame oil…its gives the kimbap a salty, tangy, sweet kick. I will put the recipe for the sauce and the kimbap below!

Kimbap  (this recipe is for 10 sheets of seaweed)

  • 1pkg of Seaweed wrappers
  • 3cups cooked short grain rice
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 large & long cucumber
  • 10pcs Korean pickled radish
  • 10-20pcs of imitation crab meat (10pcs if u like thin meat or 20pcs if u want meaty kimbap)
  • 1tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper flakes (optional)
  • bamboo mat (we used a silpat!)


  • In a microwaveable safe bowl, add the vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper flakes. Heat on medium for 1min or until the salt and sugar have dissolved.
  • Season the rice with the vinegar mixture and let it cool! HOT RICE WILL MAKE THE WRAPPER TOO SOFT TOO FAST AND MAKE UR KIMBAP GO KAPUT!
  • Once the rice has cooled (about 10-15min, warm rice if ok!) take one wrapper at a time and press the rice to one ends of the wrapper.
rice and wrapper

rice and wrapper

  • At the end of the wrapper, closest to the edge of your mat, add the crab, the cucumber, the egg and the pickled radish, and start rolling. First roll with your hand, to secure the filling, then roll the kimbap the rest of the way by using the mat! Once rolled, tightly squeeze the roll to make sure that it’s secure and the filling won’t fall out.

There you go! You have made your very first kimbap! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Now for the sauce, don’t worry this is easy! The fills 10 wrappers, but this can feed a huge party! We filled 3 tupperwares of  long bowls. This recipe would be get for a party, potluck, or just to have frozen for a quick snack down the road.

Our Kimbap Sauce

  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tsp Korean pepper flakes

Directions this is going to be the hard part!

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl!
  2. Mix!
  3. Serve!

Below is the gallery for the kimbap! I hope you enjoy it!




The Daring Cooks’ April 2012 Challenge – Create Your Own Recipe!

Eggplant Mushroom Turkey burger

Eggplant Mushroom Turkey burger

This months challenge was a tricky one, due to the fact there wasn’t a set recipe to experiment with! WE pretty much had to list of ingredients we could choose from and then just go from there! You had to choose 1 item from each of the 3 lists of mystery ingredients, and then from there make a main course. The lists were as follows:

  • List 1: Parsnips, Eggplant (aubergine), Cauliflower
  • List 2: Balsamic Vinegar, Goat Cheese, Chipotle peppers
  • List 3: Maple Syrup, Instant Coffee, Bananas

Now when I first saw that we didn’t have a set recipe to play with, and that we were pretty much thrown to the wolves with this…I was a little nervous, scared and a little terrified that I had to incorporate these things into a dish that I had to in turn eat!   So I chose ingredients that I knew I would love together, for my recipe I chose Eggplant, Maple Syrup and Chipotle peppers, initially I was going to cauliflower, balsamic and then the last list threw me completely through a loop! So I settled on the best 3 I think paired well together!

To get started I made a mushroom eggplant mixture for my burgers…I hate having mushrooms squishing from my burgers so I made a tasty paste to mix into the patties. It was not quick, but it was easy and simple to make…mostly all the ingredients were in my pantry, except the eggplant! So this post will contain 3 recipes :

  1. mushroom eggplant paste
  2. turkey patty
  3. Chipotle maple glazed  Brussels sprouts

Once the paste is done the patties are pretty much a simple addition! The brussels sprout are also easy to make, they take a little time but it is well worth it! some people, like myself and my hubby, like to put bacon in our brussels sprouts, so if you’re like that as well, then try candying the bacon in maple syrup and chipotle glaze…then half the sprouts, blanche them then pan fry in butter and add your crumbled candied bacon (man I should have done this!)

Recipe 1 Mushroom Eggplant Paste

  • 4cp eggplant, peeled and diced
  • 16oz mushrooms, I used button, but you can use any kind
  • 8oz black olives
  • 4-6cloves garlic, minced
  • 1cp onion, diced
  • 1/4 olive oil
  • 4-6 drops of liquid smoke or soy sauce
  • salt ( for the salt and pepper I used salt free Mrs Dash steak seasoning)
  • pepper

Let’s get started! PREHEAT YOUR OVEN TO 400F

  1. In a mixer add the black olives, olive oil, garlic blend into a paste and set aside
  2. If you have a big enough mixer/blender you can mix the eggplant, mushroom and onion until it’s finely chopped. mine wasn’t so I had to mix them in separate batches. Finely chop the mushrooms, onions, and eggplant into fine pieces.
  3. In  a large bowl add the finely chopped veggies and the black olive paste and mix well
  4. Add the mix onto a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment and bake for 45min, stirring occasionally.  The mix will be wet  then it will start to dry out…THAT is how you want it!!!  This makes a great filling for homemade raviolis, lasagna and as a vegetarian Pate!
This recipe makes about 2 1/2 cps of paste



  • 2lbs ground turkey meat, you can use ground beef, lamb, pork or whatever!
  • 1/2cp crumbled white cheddar, you can use your favorite
  • 1/2cp bread crumbs
  • 2 1/2 cps of mushroom eggplant paste
  • season to taste ( we used MRS DASH SALT FREE STEAK SEASONING ALSO!)

Let’s Get Start!! Preheat oven to 350F

  1. In a bowl, add all the ingredients together and separate into 8 patties!
  2. Place the patties into the oven and let them cook on each side for about 10min…you can also do this on the stove top in a pan
  3. Sit back and relax, especially if your oven has a timer, set the timer for 10min for both sides! 🙂

Let’s start the Brussels Sprouts

Recipe 3 Maple Chipotle Glazed Brussels Sprouts

  • 1lb of Brussels sprouts, cleaned and halved
  • 2qt water
  • 2tbsp butter
  • 1 Chipotle pepper, de-seeded and finely chopped
  • 1/4cp maple syrup

Let’s get that water boiling!!!!

  1. Clean the Brussels sprouts and half them.
  2. Add them into the boiling water and let them cook for about 3-5min, depending on the thickness of the sprouts.
  3. While they are cooking, melt the butter in a saute pan and add in the Chipotle and maple syrup.
  4. Add the Brussels sprouts into the browning butter and syrup mix. Let the sprouts get coated in the glaze for about 1-2min, then serve!


I hope you enjoy the recipes, if you decide to make them…the mushroom paste can be made into patties without the turkey, just use the recipe omit the turkey meat and maybe double to recipe to make fuller patties!


The Daring Cooks’ March 2012 Challenge – Brave the Braise!

Spicy Chicken Bokkeum Tang

Since I have a love/infatuation with Korean food, I decided to make a spicy braised chicken dish that is a popular Korean dish,  that I saw on the YouTube channel of Aeris Kitchen. She makes AWESOME Korean traditional dishes, and I have made several of them at my home, they are certifiably dee-lishus! O_o makes me hungry thinking about this recipe! I made this dish and as a side I made white rice and paired it with my homemade kimchi, also a recipe found on her channel!



Spicy food is my favorite, Korean food has the spice you need! It’s Salty, Sweet, Crunchy, Soft the flavors of Korean food will make anyone want to come back for more! Korean food consists of a meat dish, soup, rice and banchan, which is little vegetable and meet side dishes … like kimchi, pickled radish, seasoned dried squid, steamed or fried egg lots of things and all are tasty and unique in flavor! If you ever get the chance to try Korean food, jump at the chance, its a great experience!

Well lets start!!!!

Main Ingredients

  • 1 Whole Chicken, (i used chicken chicken thighs, you can use any cut of chicken you want!)
  • 2 Cups Onion
  • 2 Cups Potato
  • 1 Cup Carrot (i didn’t have any carrots!)
  • 3 Green Onions
  • 1-2 Hot Peppers (Optional, I used 1 ghost chili)
  • 1½ Cup Water

For Chicken

  • 1 Tbsp Cooking Wine
  • ¼ tsp Salt
  • ⅛ tsp Black Pepper Powder

Sauce Ingredients

  • 2 Tbsp Red Pepper Paste
  • 1 Tbsp Red Pepper Powder
  • 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
  • ½ Tbsp Cooking Wine
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar ( i used truvia, a sugar substitute)
  • 1 Tbsp Honey or Corn Syrup (i used honey)
  • 2 Tbsp Minced Garlic
  • 1 tsp Sesame Seeds
  • 1 tsp Sesame Oil
  • 1 Pinch Black Pepper Powder


Cut the chicken into 2×2 inch pieces. Don’t remove the skin, fat, or bones because that gives it good flavor.
Marinate the chicken with 1 Tbsp of cooking wine, ¼ tsp of salt, and ⅛ tsp of black pepper powder for at least 10 minutes.
Combine 5 Tbsp of red pepper paste, 3 Tbsp of red pepper powder, 2 Tbsp of soy sauce, ½ Tbsp of cooking wine, 1 Tbsp of sugar, 1 Tbsp of corn syrup, 2 Tbsp of minced garlic, 1 tsp of sesame seeds, 1 tsp of sesame oil, and 1 pinch of black pepper powder.
Mix the ingredients.
Cut 2 cups of onions, 2 cups of potatoes, 1 cup of carrots, 3 green onions, and 1 or 2 hot peppers into big chunk (1 or 1½ inch cubes).
Place the chicken in a big pan.
Add the potatoes, onions, and carrots on top of the chicken.
Pour the sauce on top.
Then pour 1½ cup of water on it.
While it is cooking, occasionally stir it so that all of the ingredients get covered with the sauce. Cook it for 30 to 35 minutes on high, or until the chicken and potatoes are completely cooked.
Reduce the temperature to low and add the green onions along with the hot peppers. Cook 2 more minutes and then turn off the heat. If you don’t want your food too spicy, skip the hot peppers.

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Butternut Squash Puree…..Easy Recipe!

butternut squash puree

butternut squash puree

This is a great puree to use when making butternut squash gnocchi,  and this is also the the puree i use in my butternut squash quick bread and muffin. Its simple and easy…you don’t need anything but a butternut squash, baking sheet, parchment or a silicon mat and of course an oven!


1 butternut squash



Preheat oven to 350 F

Cut butternut squash in half lengthwise and remove seeds.

Place squash, cut side down, in a shallow pan on aluminum foil or Silpat-lined baking sheet.

Bake until squash is soft, approximately 45 to 60 minutes (depending on the size of your squash).

Remove from oven and let cool.

When cool, scoop out the cooked flesh/pulp (discarding the shell),

Place the pulp in a food processor and process until smooth.

Measure out the amount you need for this recipe, and reserve any remaining pulp (either in the refrigerator or freeze) for other uses.

NOTE: This Butternut Squash Puree may be substituted in any recipe that calls for pumpkin puree.

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LoMein our way

Lo Mein

Lo Mein

We made this recipe over the weekend, because we love Chinese, but we don’t want to spend so much eating out….SOOOO, while getting treat from our Korean grocery store, I found egg noodles. Egg noodles are just awesome, these are chewier than spaghetti noodles, and more tasty (well to me they are!). This recipe is easy and quick…you need about 2 handfuls of egg noodles, meat and veggies of your choice.  I hope you enjoy!


  • 16oz noodles
  • 1/2cp sliced carrots
  • 1/2cp sliced bell pepper
  • 1/2cp chopped bok choy
  • 1/2cp sliced onion (i didn’t have any but this is my recipe I always use!)
  • 1tbsp minced garlic
  • 1/2tsp minced ginger
  • 4-6oz of meat of your choice, (thinly sliced beef is what we used)
  • 1/4cp soy sauce
  • 2tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 1tsp sesame oil
  • 1tsp fish sauce
  • 1/4tsp black pepper
  • 100ml water, for steaming

this is an easy recipe…u saute the veggies add the noodles steam for a few minutes and add the sauce…let it cook and keep stirring


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Been Busy


    WE have been very busy lately! The hubby and I have decided to change ourselves for the better, and what I mean by that is that we decided to detox our bodies for a week and lose this weight! I put on alot of weight when I was pregnant with Jaden and so did my hubby. When I ate, he ate, and when I had leftovers … he ate them! We had bad eating habits during this period in our lives…and it kind of continues, but not as bad. I dont eat the sweets I make unlss I have been really dying to try it (GREEN TEA MUFFINS)…I usually give them to Jaden OR to my family and friends.

   So we have decided to change…I want my old body back and he wants his too…he used to be really skinny…my cooking plumpled him up really good! He wants to get into shape so that he can join the Army, and be all the he can be! WOOOOTWOOOOT! WE will make a page on our progress and post our stats on a weekly basis! Hopefully, if we do it like this it will motivate us not to quit and to keep going! Our bodies has been telling us that we need to do this for a while now..so now is the time we are listening! WE are always sleepy and tired, don’t feel like doing much after I get home…its bad…I used to work out everyday! We can’t keep this up, we won’t be able to play with our son if we don’t change.


P.S. Next Recipe–> someone requested marble pound cake … soooo I will be making that tonight and posting it…DON’T WORRY I WILL BE GIVING IT TO MY MOM! WE WONT EAT IT 😦

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Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup w/ homemade biscuits

Split Pea Soup w/ homemade biscuits

This weekend, both my hubby and Jaden were sick, so instead of making chicken noodle soup..I decided to make split pea soup for my sick little men! I paired the soup with homemade biscuits (recipe will be coming in the following weeks…still making variations {plain, cranberry…etc}) Split Pea soup is one of my favorites, but I don’t make it very often, because I hate having to wait so long to make it…you wait because you will have to soak the split peas overnight …you can skip this step is you just put the split peas in a pot of simmer hot water for about 2min, then soak for 1hr!! (helpful tip)

It’s a hearty soup, which can easily be taken from vegetarian friendly to meat eater friendly. You can add any veggie of your choice, I use carrots, potatoes, onion, sometimes celery, bell peppers, chilies..to give it a kick. The meat can be substituted also, I’ve used ham hock, ham bone, bacon, smoke turkey wings, you can even use sausage. This soup recip can be a base for many Split Pea Soup variations…make it your own! I like to top mine with homemade croutons!

My son loved it, and he isn’t a veggie person, he would dip his biscuit in the soup and he just gobbled it right up.  I was super excited that he enjoyed it so much! This recipe is very simple and quite delicious….I hope you try it one day


  • 2 cp dried split peas
  • 2 quarts cold water
  • 1 1/2lbs ham bone
  • 1 onion, small diced
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 pinch dried marjoram
  • 3 carrots, chopped (I USED 1 LARGE CARROT)
  • 1 potato, diced


  • In a large stock pot, cover peas with 2 quarts cold water and soak overnight.
  • Once peas are soaked, add ham bone, onion, salt, pepper and marjoram. Cover, bring to boil and then simmer for 45min, stirring occasionally.
  • At 45min, I remove bone; cut off meat, dice and return meat to soup.
  • Add  carrots and potatoes. Cook slowly, uncovered for 30 to 40 minutes, or until vegetables are tender.


Split Pea Soup Video


Butternut Squash Gnocchi…..mmmmmmhmmmmmmm

Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Butternut Squash Gnocchi

This is a simple recipe, it does have to rest for a while, but it has little prep time and easy to find ingredients! I saw this recipe on YouTube, and thought it would be an easy one to make…and I was right!! This gnocchi is  lighter than the potato gnocchi, which I really don’t care for…usually because they make me feel like i swallowed mini bricks! Gnocchi can me made with various ingredients, but egg, flour and cheese are usually the main staples…traditionally they are made with potato, but times are changing and you can virtually make gnocchi  anything, Spinach gnocchi, potato gnocchi, butternut squash gnocchi, pumpkin gnocchi (mmmmm), anyways! This recipe is pretty freaking awesome….so awesome my son loved it and tore it up, plus he ate some of mine and daddy’s!

The flavor of the sweet squash and the salty cheeses, play sooo well together; I didn’t use a tomato sauce with this gnocchi…I just added a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, You can serve these with browned butter, tomato sauce or pesto…i would just use the browned butter! This recipe is easy, but it will have to rest for a while so that the dough can firm up. IF YOU CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG….do it before you go to work, that way when you get home, you can make them then! It might drive you nuts, that in your fridge at home sits the best thing you will put in your mouth that whole day….but don’t go home on your lunch and make them…and don’t go home early “sick”….just wait and all will be rewarded when you make them for dinner!


  • 2cups butternut squash
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 8oz mascarpone, or cream cheese ( I used homemade Roasted Garlic Mascarpone)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1cup flour

Start by cooking the squash in the microwave, you can do it in the oven…but I mean you dont want to waste extra time doing this! JUST MICROWAVE IT for 7-8min. Once done, let it cool!

This is my hubby's plate!

This is my hubby's plate!

Once cooled, add the mascarpone, eggs, salt, cheese and whisk!

Sift in the flour and mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight!

(Well it’s the next day! That was fast!) 

Start boiling water in a shallow pot, you can salt the water….but its not needed

Melt 1tbsp of butter in a saute pan, once melted turn off the burner. TURN IT BACK ON ONCE YOU HAVE PLOPPED IN THE GNOCCHIS

When the gnocchi float to the top, transfer them to the hot butter and crisp up the gnocchi!

this will make big batch…so cook what you will and fry. You can boil the remaining batter and keep them in the fridge or freezer!

SERVE with the browned butter and the a sprinkle of Parmesan!

I posted the video on my YouTube channel….hope you enjoy!

Jaden’s Treats


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