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Natural Nails

Natural Nails, these are my nails about 2wks ago, before I cut them!

About 1 month ago, I got back into taking care of Me, mommy, and wife! I decided to start by doing my nails, and fell in love with it. I have since then acquired a good amount of polishes, mostly under $1 the most I have spent was $4. Good polishes come in all shapes, sizes and prices! This page will just show some of the things I do in my spare time, not too extravagant but once you get into the swing of things you start to experiment with designs, colors, prints, its just amazing what you can think of when you are doing your nails.

Natural Nails 2

this is only 3wks of growth!


No mater how short or long your nails are, decorating them it quite easy and enjoyable. Why pay $20 dollars for fakes nails that need to be re-done every 2 weeks, when you can just take good care of your natural nails. By all means, I have no problem with acrylic nails, I just wont pay that much money on  someone else filing and polishing my nails, when I can do that myself! Once you learn what helps and hurts your nails, your nails will grow to the lengths you want, as along as you take care of them!

I have since cut my nails shorter, “why?,” you might ask  ” I don’t know!” I decided to start over, fresh and document my journey to health nails! I will keep updating this page, ONLY if people are interested. Here is a gallery of my nails are so far. I have done more, but I haven’t taken pics of everything I have done.



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